B Some-One II Video (2023)

The charm of what we create,
Lies not in the act of creation itself,
But in the gaze that we bring to it.

Though machines may assist in the task,
Their eyes remain blind to the intricacies,
The unique qualities that make a creation our own.

The future may promise that AI can forge what we will,
But it lacks the spark, the unpredictability,
That sets human art apart.

It is through our connection to the world,
Our capacity to recognize the magic in the mundane,
That we bring the extraordinary into being.

A composer may delve into the archives of sound,
Listening to thousands of songs,
In search of a single moment,
A beat, a chord, a phrase,
To make their own.

And so, I too,
may run a program,
To have images dance before me,
An endless constant flow,

And in it, I may find,
The fleeting moment that catches my eye,
And make it mine.