B Some-One II (2023)

In a world so strange and absurd,
Where the norms of society are blurred,
There comes a demand, so unique and bold,
For humanity's right to see in different colors, untold.

Gone are the days of plain old yellow,
For we want to express ourselves in a new way, mellow.

To paint our world with hues so bright,
And make a statement with each drop of light.

Some say, “this is nonsense”, a waste of time,
But deep inside we know, it's a symbol so sublime.

A break from the monotony,
a shout out loud,
That we are all different,
and our differences should be proud.

So let the colors flow, like a river so free,
And let the world see, that you, and you, and you, and me,
Are not just mere vessels, but a canvas so grand,
With the right to be in colors.

So go ahead, and make your mark,
And let the world know,
you are not just a water lark.
You are someone, with a message so clear,
Demanding your rights.

There is nothing to fear.