Space Man (2019)

You'll notice that in various periods of art, human beings have been shaped in different ways. More or less transparent at some times, at other times opaque.

Sometimes the emphasis has been on the state of mind which this human being is in, at other times the emphasis is on the bodily confirmations. In the work of today painters one sees images that we at first sight don't recognize as being human.

There was an exhibition at the MoMa in New York called "New Image of Man". The things there didn't look like human beings at all...Well some of them did.

“What does a human being look like?”

That depends on your point of view. If you are prejudiced that a human being is only what is inside his skin, then you might think when anybody paints the human being beyond those boundaries, that he loses the image of man...He hasn't necessarily lost it at all.

There's an old feeling that the shape of the universe is the shape of man. I don't know if you've ever heard that, that man is the microcosm, and that the universe as a whole is the macrocosm.