Super Abstraction  simple, playful and bold”
Based in Switzerland

Original artwork in limited series of 5 or 10 on paper are created by the artist himself, singular big pieces on forex can be made upon request.  Artwork resides in private collections: Paris, Dubai, Madrid, Warsaw, Milan, Montevideo, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Zurich, Bern, Lima, Berlin, and NY. Inquiries   
Represented by Galerie Kunstfund

Ⓜ All rights reserved to Marcel Moonen
Official member of the Triple-A
M. Production

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Paloma and her Cat
Analog Men
Man without Shadow
SA Volume 5th Dimension
SA Volume IV INC Series
SA Volume III Hypermodernism
SA Volume II Autoreferential Works
SA Volume I Constructive Readymades
SA Volume -I Atari Revisited
SA Volume VI Columbian Works [2023]
SA Volume VII The book of Nature [2024]
SA Volume 0 Time~Art [Unknown]


2023 TBA, Tokyo
2023 CICA Museum, Cercle exhibit, South Korea
2023 Galerie 111, Zurich
2022 Analog Men,  Zentralbibliothek Zürich (ZB)
2022 Interference at Resort Komedii, Warsaw
2021 Group exhibition, A.-Space, Lausanne
2021 Man without Shadow performance, Zurich
2021 Reset Guestbook, Zurich
2020 Superabstraction @ Google BeDe
2020 Triple-A at Hundart, Warsaw
2020 IMFenster, Zurich
2019 M. Museum, Zurich
2018 Van Doesburg House, Paris