Super Abstraction
Printmaker, based in Switzerland.
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Original artworks (signed, stamped, limited) and NFTs are created upon request.

The Code of Life
Prismatic Thinking
End of the line
Illusion : Reality
Super Abstraction [Abstract]

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SA Volume 5th Dimension
SA Volume IV INC Series
SA Volume III Hypermodernism
SA Volume # The Term
SA Volume II Autoreferential Works
SA Volume I Constructive Readymades
SA Volume -I Atari Revisited

Planned [2021]
SA Volume VI Columbian Works

Planned [2022]
SA Volume VII The book of Nature

Planned [Unknown]
SA Volume 0 Time~Art


2021 Future Gallery, Zurich
2021 Reset - Guest book, Zurich
2020 IMFenster, Zurich
2020 Triple-A at Hundart, Warsaw
2019 M Museum, Zurich
2018 Van Doesburg House, Paris