"Super Abstraction is simple, playful and bold.
My work is partly generated ~ partly composed."

Based in Switzerland

After more than 10 years of artistic activity, a key moment occurs for Marcel Moonen in 2018. Soon after he founded "Super Abstraction".

Within the framework of this novel style of exaggerated abstraction, an extensive body of work is created. In the visual works, in principle, motifs are reduced to their smallest pictorial units through an artistic process, and then re-presented in different variations and compositions. In this playful process, the artist also likes to put the original motif into a new context or vice versa.

In addition to the artist's visual oeuvre, he produces essays and booklets. The artist also adapts the principle of Super Abstraction in his writing. Almost cryptographic texts, which despite their complexity ultimately convey very simple messages to the individual reader. Represented by Kunstfund

Original artwork in limited series of 10 on paper, framed behind matt glass (40x40cm or A2 Format) are created by the artist himself. Singular big pieces can be made upon request, contact

Artwork resides in private collections: Paris, Dubai, Madrid, Warsaw, Milan, Montevideo, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Zurich, Bern, Lima, Berlin, and NY. 

ⓂAll rights reserved to Marcel Moonen

Official member of the Ť̸̸̮͈̝r̢͍̻͓̠̗̙̺̋̎ͪ͒̔̅i̫̺ͨpͭͣ͏̺͉̦̼̞̳͈̙l̙͕͙̏ͮ̒ͤ̿͂́͡ę̣̏̓ͯͥ͜-̴̷͖̩͔̘̪͇͖͔͖͗ͫͦ̈́̋̍ͭ̋͢Ȧ̢̈ͪ̌͑͗ͥ҉̯̫͇͝
M. Production


2024 CICA, Fake is Real exhibit, Gimpo, Korea
2024 Metamorphosis, Loosen Art, Rome
2024 CAHIER d'images, publication, Luxembourg
2023 Future Vision Festival Tokyo (JP) & Amsterdam
2023 LISALUNA Kurzfilmfestival, Duisburg (DE)
2023 DD Book presentation, Kyoto (JP)
2023 Provocation Ideas Festival Part 2, Stratford (CA)
2023 Fu:Bar Glitch Festival, Mama Zagreb, Croatia
2023 Dimensional Design @ TU Berlin
2023 MAX3MIN, short film festival, Cineteca Milan
2023 Beijing 2102 Art Center, Beijing design week
2023 CICA Museum, Cercle exhibit, Gimpo, Korea
2023 George Town Festival, Penang, Malaysia
2023 Forgotten Places, Loosen Art, Rome
2023 Short Stop Film Fest, winner web short, Romania
2023 La Grande Vitrine, Rencontres d'Arles, France
2023 AI Combinatorial Exhibition, Bristol, UK
2023 Provocation Ideas Festival, Toronto (CA)
2023 Galerie 111, One Man Show, Zurich (CH)
2022 Analog Men, Zentralbibliothek Zurich (ZB)
2022 Interference, Resort Komedii, Warsaw
2021 Group exhibition, A.-Space, Lausanne
2021 Man without Shadow performance, Zurich
2021 Reset Guestbook, Zurich
2020 Superabstraction @ Google BeDe
2020 Triple-A at Hundart, Warsaw
2020 IMFenster, Zurich
2019 M. Museum [Interview], Zurich
2018 Van Doesburg House, Paris


Dimensional Design Theory
Paloma and her Cat
Analog Men
Man without Shadow
SA Volume 5th Dimension
SA Volume IV INC Series
SA Volume III Hypermodernism
SA Volume II Autoreferential Works
SA Volume I Constructive Readymades
SA Volume -I Atari Revisited
SA Volume VII Artificial Nature [2024]
SA Volume ∞ Time~Art [2025]

CICA Museum, Fake is Real exhibit, Gimpo, Korea (2024) Photo credits: CICA Team

LISALUNA Kurzfilm Festival, Duisburg, Germany (Dec. 2023)

B Some-One II, La Repubblica, Milan, 10.09.23

B Some-One II, max3minfest, Milan, 10.09.23

Zurich, Switzerland (2023) Photo credits: Michal Czerwinski, Space: Keramik&Animation

George Town Festival, Penang Malaysia (2023) Photo credits: Yihchang and Filamen

CICA Museum, Gimpo, Korea (2023) Photo credits: CICA Team

University of Toronto, Canada (2023) Photo credits: Ryan Kelln & PIF

Arles, France (2023) Photo credits: Thomas Gerwers

Interference, Resort Komedii, Warsaw, Poland (2022), Organizer: Michal Czerwinski

A-Space, Lausanne, Switzerland (2022)

1MFENSTER, Zurich Switzerland (2022), Photo credits: Carmen und Felix

M. Museum curated by Mrs. Bella Lugosi (2019), Photo credits: Sañora Bob Photoservice, read: “The Interview”