Super Abstraction  simple, playful and bold”
Based in Switzerland

Original artwork in limited series of 5 or 10 on paper (40x40cm or A2 Format) are created by the artist himself, singular big pieces on forex can be made upon request.  Artwork resides in private collections: Paris, Dubai, Madrid, Warsaw, Milan, Montevideo, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Zurich, Bern, Lima, Berlin, and NY. Inquiries   
Represented by Galerie Kunstfund

Ⓜ All rights reserved to Marcel Moonen
Official member of the Triple-A
M. Production

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Analog Men
Man without Shadow
SA Volume 5th Dimension
SA Volume IV INC Series
SA Volume III Hypermodernism
SA Volume II Autoreferential Works
SA Volume I Constructive Readymades
SA Volume -I Atari Revisited
SA Volume VI Columbian Works [2023]
SA Volume VII The book of Nature [2024]
SA Volume 0 Time~Art [Unknown]


2023 TBA, Tokyo
2023 La Grande Vitrine, Rencontres d'Arles (FR)
2023 Provocation Ideas Festival, Toronto (CA)
2023 CICA Museum, Cercle exhibit, South Korea
2023 Galerie 111, Zurich
2022 Analog Men, Zentralbibliothek Zürich (ZB)
2022 Interference at Resort Komedii, Warsaw
2021 Group exhibition, A.-Space, Lausanne
2021 Man without Shadow performance, Zurich
2021 Reset Guestbook, Zurich
2020 Superabstraction @ Google BeDe
2020 Triple-A at Hundart, Warsaw
2020 IMFenster, Zurich
2019 M. Museum, Zurich
2018 Van Doesburg House, Paris

Zurich (2023) Photo credits: Michal Czerwinski

Toronto (2023) Photo credits: Ryan Kelln